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The busiest weeks of the year!

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The last few weeks where the busiest weeks of the year for ME&MATS (and myself).

A super fun time because a lot is happening. A lot of customers who order last minute or have specific wishes and as always, we will see that a product is very popular that we just didn’t see coming and we have to have it produced quickly. It will not be the first time that we convert our office into a production area and quickly assemble a box or label a candle ourselves.

In addition, I am always amazed at how busy you can be baking cake for Christmas breakfast or making meatballs for the Christmas dinner. It will probably have to do with my enormous cooking talent 🙂

Gee, I always see a load of delicious dishes at school that are seemingly super difficult to prepare while the mother in question always brags about the fact that it was finished in 15 mins. While I really did spend a day in the kitchen slaving for a cake and meatballs.

But this year it is different, because this year there is no Christmas breakfast nor Christmas dinner for our boys.

And yeah, I find that a bit cheerless as well. It’s funny to say that sometimes (very often) I have cursed those meatballs but now that it doesn’t take place, I really regret not having them. Of course, for the boys but also for myself, when I pick up the boys from their Christmas dinner and they are very happy with my meatballs and proud of their mother.

This year I dive into the kitchen together with Roemer and Valentijn and they are happy that they can lead and correct their mother to follow the recipe for once. I will keep you informed about our culinary excesses!

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