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Reed diffuser - Crazy Leopard

Do not underestimate the power of the sense of smell! This ME&MATS sensational scent awakens some serious happy hormones, leaving a positive memory in the senses. The perfect gift to inspire others – or to pamper yourself. There is one magical ME&MATS aroma available, so all you need to do is pick the design that matches your message.


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Out of stock

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The fragrance of the reed diffuser comes in a glass packaging with a matching design, combining to the perfect message.


The reed diffuser contains 100 ml of our signature fragrance of Pamplemousses, patchouli and watermelon. An irresistible combination!


The diffuser contains a unique combination of ingredients with rich smells that spread joy through natural rattan sticks.


The Magical Reed Diffusers are carefully hand-wrapped in the Netherlands by the hands of very able, disabled people. Please note: they added a touch of joy to each item.

WHY this diffuser IS SO SPECIAL
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ME&MATS is hand made

Made in the Netherlands with lots of love and care.

A fragrance to nurture the senses. Up to the last drop.

Made by the hands of very able, disabled people.

ME&MATS Home fragrance
ME&MATS double home fragrance

Did you know that this fragrance can be used anywhere in your house? A luxurious fragrance for every corner!


Spread a scent you can't get enough of!

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