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free shipping above €40,- NL and €60,- BEshipment €4,95 NL and €6,95 BEadd a handwritten notedelivery 1-3 days

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Luxury memorial candle with matches - Stars

Send your loved one our luxury condolence candle with matches to burn in commemoration of a loved one. Our condolence candle with the unique Stars design offers comfort in difficult times. Do you want to pay your respects or comfort someone from a distance? We’ll make sure to wrap up your gift with love and send it straight to them!


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Wish a loved one the strength to get through a difficult time with our memorial candle Stars. The candle is made of a vegan soy wax mixed with our fragrance of essential oils and a pure cotton lead-free wick. This makes the candle completely vegan.

We dedicated a whole page to the best way to burn you candle, our candle care. Make sure to take a look, we also mention important safety instructions here.


The candle diffuses our signature ME&MATS scent made of pomplemouse, patchouli and watermelon for roughly 45 hours, this is the burning time of the candle. It’s an irresistible combination that you can’t get enough off! There is only one scent worthy of calling itself the ME&MATS fragrance. As easy as that, you only have to choose the perfect message.


At ME&MATS, we know how much a comforting gift can mean to someone. That’s why we’ll do whatever it takes to wrap your comforting gift as beautifull as possible. Give us your personal message and we will make sure your gift gets wrapped up nicely in our unique giftbag. Comforting someone from a distance? We can write your personal message on a handwritten card.


All candles are handwrapped in the Netherlands through amazing people, that have a disability, but burst wit love, pride and talent. The result: an added dose of joy to each item! Here you can read more about the origin and quality of our candles.


Processing the loss of a loved one can be a hard thing to do. With our memorial candle Stars you wish someone strength in a difficult time. Because it can sometimes be difficult to put your feelings into words, we have an inspiration page with beautiful messages.

ME&MATS is hand made
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Made in the Netherlands with lots of love and care.

A fragrance to nurture the senses. Up to the last drop.

All ingredients are one hundred % natural.

Our signature scent


After a long time searching, we succeeded in finding the exact right scents to compose one hell of a scent. It consists of patchouli, watermelon and pamplemousse. Patchouli oil has a strong, slightly sweet, yet enchanting scent. The lighthearted watermelon adds a fruity, fresh smell to the scent. The happy citrus scent adds a more herbaceous tone to the ME&MATS signature scent. All of this together makes it the perfect combination of a warm, fresh and herbaceous smell: the ME&MATS scent. 




ME&MATS Giftsets
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Our gift sets are packed in a luxury gift bag with a handwritten personal message! The perfect surprise in a few clicks. 


enjoy giving in a few easy clicks!

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