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free shipping above €50,- NL and €60,- BEshipment €4,95 NL and €6,95 BEadd a handwritten notedelivery 1-3 days

November stands for making plans!

November stands before us in the context of making plans. Making plans? Yes plans for 2021, but first we always look back to 2020.

What a year! With Corona, it was a tough year but also a very constructive year for ME&MATS. A change in the composition, a real deep dive in our company which resulted in us saying goodbye to a number of designs and also the chocolate.

After the wrapped candle, the second product of ME&MATS when I started 6 years ago. What’s always great about such a step is that it makes room for new ideas and plans. And jeez, there are loads! Because we’ve all been working hard together the past few months and I’m thankful for the super kind and fun people we have around us. Precisely at moments like these you pay extra attention to this. I have been thankful for Suus for many years. Suus is the one who has been writing our texts on our products and our website for years.  In fact, Suus has provided all our expressions with a beautiful and sometimes hilarious text. I don’t know many people with her bursting energy and enormous amount of writing talent because that’s what Suus has.

So Suus, this one is for you:

Sweetheart, I am so, so grateful for all the gift texts but especially grateful for your boundless positive energy.

Man oh man, we can all learn something from that because what a gift it is to work with you. I hope we can do that for many more years to come.

Thanks a million lovely!

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