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Jasmine tea: flavour and health benefits!

At the ME&MATS office, we adore jasmine tea, that’s why we only have one delicious teamix of green jasmine tea. Read more about it here!
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ME&MATS jasmine tea

At the ME&MATS office, we adore jasmine tea, that’s why we only have one delicious teamix: we can’t get enough of it! Because we didn’t know a lot about our favorite cup of tea, we took a closer look at the origins and the health benefits it brings. We found some things we’d  like to share with you. Enjoy you tea!

ORIGINS and flavour profile

Jasmine tea a is often described as a healthy cup of tea with a special scent. In China, this tea is known for its various health benefits for years.

Green jasmine tea has a soft and subtle light sweet flavor. This taste, with its flowery scent, characterizes the typical cup of tea we know all to well. The Jasmine plant can also be mixed with black and white tea, but green is by far the most popular.


Tea has a positive effect on your health. Green and black tea both lower the chance on a stroke and three cups of green tea a day can lower your blood pressure.

Besides that, drinking a green cup of tea can give you an energy boost. This is due to the caffeine in the leaves of the Camellia Sinsensis plant. Though a cup of coffee contains more caffeine, green tea is a good way to lower your caffeine intake and still experience a strong energy boost!

Excited to reap the benefits of green tea? Try our special tea mix, or gift it to a loved one.

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