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Get up, dress up and never give up

A crazy journey with an incredible amount of ups but also definitely downs
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Get up, dress up and never give up

Jeez, if someone had told me how intense entrepreneurship would be, I would have given that person a big hug and a thank you very much for this piece of wisdom that I probably would have taken to heart at that moment. I have been doing business with ME&MATS for almost 6 years now. At first only for myself because I needed to deal with my longing for Mats✨. But also because I really like to stimulate people to say something more often what we forget to say to the people who are actually here. That we are proud, a simple I love you or just YOU ROCK baby!

A crazy journey with an incredible amount of ups but also definitely downs.

The past year has been a tough year for ME&MATS but also for me as a person.

There have been times that I really wanted to give up but I’m also thankful for what I learned from the past, that you should not give up and persist when something gets tough. I spoke to my coach a while ago and she said:  Astrid it will be a bumpy ride but see those bumps as moments of knowledge and places to learn, experiences that prepare you for something better.” After walking back I realized she was right. So get up, dress up and never give up!

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