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Carlien van Hemert: Mother and founder of Duukies Beachsocks

The two of us went through a lot of ups but also intense downs
Carlien van Hemert

This month in SAY YOU CARE Carlien van Hemert. Mother and entrepreneur with an insane sense of humor, energetic personality and also super social and sweet human being. I (Astrid) met Carlien 23 years ago during our internship. Sometimes you feel love right away and that’s what I had with Carlien. From the first moment we had this vibe going on and great laughter of course. The two of us went through a lot of ups but also intense downs. A special friendship that may last another hundred years!

A: Hey Carlien, tell me who are you?
C: I’m Carlien van Hemert (46), I live in Vught in Brabant, together with Maarten, Duuk, Juul and Maxine. I am the founder of Duukies Beachsocks, the finest replacement of the old-fashioned water shoe. Indeed named after our eldest son. The idea popped into mind on a way to hot beach in Spain. Duukies give the perfect protection against hot sand, sharp stones and shells and protect against slipping. In short, Fun in the Sun with Duukies Beachsocks!

A: How do you think your best friends would describe you if they could only use 3 words?
C: OH haha, you may fill these out… ;))). But I hope, loyal, sociable and nice.

A: What is your favourite day of the week and why?
C: For sure Sunday without appointments, where all possibilities are open!

A: What would you have liked to do more often this year?
C: Lunch with you at van Dam in Amsterdam, for sure!

A: What makes you happiest right now?
C: Watching the kids grow up…it can go so quickly, blink twice and they’re out of the house…cliché but true!

A: To whom do you sometimes forget to say what you do feel? E.g. that you are proud of someone or that you think they are a crazy chick?
C: Of course to you. Astrid is who I’m proud of, because you’re always so positive with a wonderful dose of humor, even when life isn’t going easy. We’ve both had a tough time, but the humor has pulled us through and made this time more bearable. Laughing hard is a necessary ingredient for me in friendship!

A: What would be the first thing you would enforce if you were boss of the world?
C: Abolish meetings.

A: Who would you want to have a good conversation with?
C: Dead or alive
Richard Branson, doing business seems so easy for him…what’s his secret?

A:What is your favourite song for your feel-good moment?
C: Walking on Sunshine by Katerina & the Waves

A: What is your favourite motivational quote?
C: “We only live once, Snoopy. Snoopy: “Wrong! we only die once. We live every day!

A: What would you like to give to your younger self?
C: Follow your heart, don’t just choose what’s best according to the booklets.

A: Last but not least, what is your favourite ME&MATS product and why?
C: For sure the candles! They look and smell great and candlelight makes lives much better! I am in love with the boxed candle You’re Magnifique because I love this quote to give to someone special or just to myself.

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