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Burning a candle properly is not easy! Here you will find some instructions how to take care of your candle properly, which will help the candle to burn better and last longer.

Cleaning your soy wax candle
Before lighting you need to remove the dust and other dirt from the candle. The dirt might be flammable and could scorch the candle with the result that the glass turns dark. The candle must also be cleaned between each burning by removing anything that might block the wick and cause trouble the next time you will burn your candle. So, we can say that a clean candle is important!

Trimming the wick
The first time you will light a candle the wick is probably exceptionally long. The wick must be cut short up to 2,5 cm before lighting the candle. The 2,5 cm is considered as the best length the wick could have, when the wick is to long it can result in excessive smoke, a shorter lifetime and a scorched jar. When the wick is too short a pool of wax might arise that could suffocate flame.

Burning a candle
To make sure that the candle burns at is best, it must burn at least 1 hour at the time for every 2,5 centimeters. For example, if you have a 7.5 cm wide candle, the very first time you light the candle let it burn for at least 3 hours. Why? Because candles are not just a ball of wax, they are capable of holding memory. The candle will stick to the size of the melt pool of wax and each time you will light it thereafter it will melt back to that particular pool size. So, burn it wisely!

Extinguish the candle
Don’t blow your candle light out! Candles should be snuffed out instead of blown, because it might result in excessive smoke and the wick might get stuck in the wax. When you snuff your candle, the wick remains intact and the smoke is limited. In case you burn a candle in a jar, like the candles of ME&MATS, find something that is not flammable and cover the jar so that the air inside is limited and the candle will burn low. You can also buy a candle snuffer in almost every local retail store, just as easy as it sounds!

Storing your candle
When you need to store your scented candle put it in a cool and dark area. Too much light will affect the color and when there is too much heat the wax of the candle will melt. So, store it properly!

I truly hope that this will help you to burn your ME&MATS candle at its best!

Then some final, but very important advice:

* Keep candles within sight
* Keep out of reach of children and animals
* Keep away from drafts, air valves or anything that could catch fire easily


Lots of love,