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free shipping above €50,- NL and €60,- BEshipment €4,95 NL and €6,95 BEadd a handwritten notedelivery 1-3 days

meet astrid

her mission

Astrid van der Hoeven owner ME&MATS scented candles

ME&MATS founder Astrid van der Hoeven is on a mission. It saddens her that we all take too little time to share our love and appreciation with our dearest friends and family. Her mission is to encourage you to comfort, cherish, value and connect with your loved ones.

Astrid is an expert in sharing her care, although this quality was awakened by a sad and life-changing experience: Astrid lost her son Mats very shortly after his birth. After a period of intense grief, Astrid realized that those 30 glorious, loving, overwhelming minutes with Mats were perhaps the happiest in her life.

To this day, Mats is still Astrid’s inspiration to celebrate life and make an effort to share her love and care. Through compliments, hugs, laughter, tears. This is how ME&MATS was born, to spread a message to the world: there is gold in even the smallest moments.

ME&MATS encourages you to say you care, even when it’s hard to find the right words. Our gifts carry the message for you. The easiest – yet strongest – way to tell loved ones how much you appreciate them and think of them.

it's all about the moment

say you care with me&mats

our signature scent

our finest nose job

It took us weeks, even months, to design our ME&MATS signature fragrance. It has been quite an emotional journey, during which the ME&MATS team discovered the impact of a scent on how we feel and what sentiments we go through. We succeeded in finding the exact right scents to compose one hell of a scent. Our signature is obvious: a fragrance which appeals to positive vibes and emotions. We make your life easy: we feature just one incredible ME&MATS signature fragrance, so all you need to do is choose the perfect design to support your message. 

These are the ingredients that make the ME&MATS scent so special.



Patchouli oil has a strong, slightly sweet, yet enchanting scent. It’s dark, musky-earthy aroma is the perfect base for the warmest fragrance. Patchouli is an aromatic flowering plant that grows in tropical climates. It belongs to the family of mint plants and produces large, fragrant leaves. Patchouli oil is extracted by drying the leaves of the plant and then steam the oil from the leaves.


Watermelon adds a fruity, fresh smell. The main purpose of the watermelon note in a perfume composition is to cheer you up and make you feel lighthearted. This delicious aroma gives our fragrance just the right twist of femininity.



All citrus scents are said to be the happiest smells. The essential oil from grapefruit is extracted from the peeled skin. It does resemble sweet orange oil, but we choose grapefruit over orange for its subtle herbaceous tone, which adds just the right power to the ME&MATS signature scent.

this is why you shop at me&MAts
ME&MATS heart doodle
ME&MATS hand
ME&MATS is hand made

Made in the Netherlands with lots of love and care.

A fragrance to nurture the senses. Up to the last drop.

Made by the hands of very able, disabled people.



Our mission

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