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Sometimes, the worst things in life can inspire a radical, but positive, change. Me&Mats was created after the founder, Astrid, lost her son, Mats. It took some time, but Astrid came to realize that the moments she spent with Mats filled her heart with a lifetime of happy thoughts, guts, glory and sunshine.

So, Me&Mats was born to spread a message to the world: There
is gold in even the smallest moments. Seek out happiness in the little things you come across and do whatever brings you and your loved ones the most joy.

Astrid keeps Mats close to her heart by using Me&Mats to enable those golden moments in the lives of others, so you can fill your days with giggles and sunshine, too. Shake off that daily stress and seize the moment. We can’t promise you a Clooney or Pitt, but we can help you put a smile on the face of someone.