We are ME&MATS

We want to fill this world with happy thoughts & good vibes, guts & glory, Clooney & Pitt, sunshine & getting perfectly tanned without a sunburn – okay, you get the idea, right?

Maybe we can’t save the world with chocolates andcandles (although that would be nice), but taking thetime to let our loved ones know they’re in yourthoughts can empower them to find gold in the simplest moments.

‘Cause hey, sometimes all you want is a little gesture from the people you love, and all it takes to make a little gesture is a little help from Me&Mats!

Our Story

Sometimes, the worst things in life can inspire a radical, but positive, change. Me&Mats was created after the founder, Astrid, lost her son, Mats. It took some time, but Astrid came to realize that the moments she spent with Mats filled her heart with a lifetime of happy thoughts, guts, glory and sunshine.

So, Me&Mats was born to spread a message to the world: There
is gold in even the smallest moments. Seek out happiness in the little things you come across and do whatever brings you and your loved ones the most joy.

Astrid keeps Mats close to her heart by using Me&Mats to enable those golden moments in the lives of others, so you can fill your days with giggles and sunshine, too. Shake off that daily stress and seizethe moment. We can’t promise you a Clooney or Pitt, but we can help you put a smile on the face of someone.

Our Products

We specialize in creating the most delicious, out to pamper, all day, e-v-e-r-y day kind of products.

Representing true craftmanship, sourced with a passion for quality from small family owned factories across Europe. Vegan, fair trade, paraben free, sulphate free.

Our range is continually expanding, as we’re on a constant treasure hunt (all for the good of Me&Mats of course). It currently consists of scented candles, matches, chocolate (non-vegan),
tea, handsoaps, diffusers, and stationary.

And did you know a lot of our products are packaged with lots oflove by the hands of very able disabled people? That’s all part of the bigger plan, peeps…