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A Google course as a New Year’s resolution?

Last year was a heavy year for all of us. But what’s better than seeing possibilities and making lovely resolutions in times of trouble!

In recent years I have heard people’s resolutions about quitting smoking, de-stressing, doing good for someone else. But also about losing weight, exercising and spending less time on your phone.  You might say ‘the usual’

But about me: I actually always have a resolution, which is more body movement because yes, bikini bodies are made in winter (I was told so by someone who only had to plank a few times and drink 6 smoothies to look amazing).

For that matter, I am glad that I am over 40 and that I did not grow up with the pressure that social media brings to youth these days.

Besides all that, I can (for sure) enjoy our own Doutzen Kroes, because gosh she looks fabulous in her bikini (summer or winter). But this also makes me realize that everyone has their own talents and mine just isn’t placed in that area. In short, week 2 of the new year has arrived and with laughter I also throw the bikini-body resolution overboard. I am going to focus on things that I really enjoy doing and where I want to challenge myself a little more.

This year I started a Google course energetically. This is the first year we also focus on consumers and you could say my knowledge about this is limited…

So last week I started the course, in between making a steel method my own, making some toast for my little one at 12.00, repairing the WIFI because ‘mommmm, I lost my connection and how do I explain that I’m not participating but that I am present’, ‘MOM, HURRY! I only have 5 minutes left’ to ‘nooo, you can not take the iPad on a pee break’. Anyway, I’m living the dream, one where I have to turn my brain on again which I really like! I’m learning something completely new and I can tell you: it’s an amazing resolution.

And after a few lessons, I feel the reward. Not just in the knowledge gathering, but also the fact that I’m proud to learn new things. I end the day with a glass of wine, a burning candle and a satisfied feeling. 2021, I think this year will work out for us!

P.S. Looking for a candle to relax with after focusing on your resolutions! We got you covered!

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