The mission of ME&MATS is to offer the most authentic, inspirational and fun must-have feel good candles. Why? We want you to let go of the daily stresses of life and seize that unforgettable moment with yourself, family or friends. Find happiness in the little things!

reed diffuser


Catch your breath (but don’t hold it) for a sensational scent of pure bliss. Stick around for a while, no need to hurry love!


Choc to rock!

Share a bite of happiness to inspire, encourage, thank and reward your loves ones.


meet Me&Mats

We want to fill this world with happy thoughts & good vibes, guts & glory, Clooney & Pitt, sunshine & getting perfectly tanned without a sunburn. Okay, you get the idea, right?

Maybe we can’t save the world with chocolates and candles (although that would be nice), but taking the time to let our loved ones know they’re in yourthoughts can empower them to find gold in the simplest moments.

‘Cause hey, sometimes all you want is a little gesture from the people you love, and all it takes to make a little gesture is a little help from Me&Mats!

what we stand for

ME&MATS is about helping each other, and we love to involve the skills of very talented people living with physical or mental disorders. Those amazing people are the driving force behind our handmade products. Therefore we can say with pride that ME&MATS is about sharing happiness!

Where to find ME&MATS